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The Kaplan Group is a full service business debt collection agency.

We’re based in Los Angeles, serving clients nationwide. Our agency specializes in commercial collections and large claims. We resolve business debt by getting the people who control the money to pay what they owe – simple as that! We’ve perfected our craft over the past 25 years. We don’t use auto-dialers, collection scripts and form letters. Our agency’s proven collection method yields an 85% success rate on large viable claims.

The Art of Commercial Collections

In politics there is a lot of debate as to whether businesses can be classified as people. In debt collection, there is no debate: businesses are people. From sole proprietorships and partnerships to multinational corporations with complex chains of command, people decide the agreements a business makes and people decide whether or not to pay the company’s obligations. We customize our approach with every person we get on the phone. Bookkeepers, payables clerks, gatekeepers, business owners, CFOs and CEOs – each of these professionals requires a different approach. We speak their language and negotiate accordingly.


Our debt collection experts are ready to do whatever it takes to recover the money owed to your business

Collecting Debt: You Have Questions, We Have Answers

If you’ve searched for this web page, you’re probably looking for three things:


Honest answers about
the collections process,


Bad debt solutions,


A reliable company
to deliver both!

We have an expert network of debt collection attorneys should the need for legal action arise

In House Debt Collection Attorneys

If you’re spending valuable time making phone calls and sending letters, faxes, and emails and your customer is ignoring you, we can almost guarantee you will not get paid without turning to a collections agency and/or a debt collection attorney. The Kaplan Group can help on both fronts. When needed, we perform a complete second collection effort under the name of our in house law firm — all within the same low contingency rates (10 to 25%). LEARN MORE


The Kaplan Group is an A+ Rated commercial collection agency with the Better Business Bureau. We’re proud members of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (less than 5% of all collection agencies have this qualification). Get to know our founders and meet the people who can start collecting your past due invoices today.


From your first call to the moment we deliver your money, we’ll walk you through the process. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about collecting bad debt though a professional debt collection agency.


When you’re ready to discuss your situation, we’re eager to talk with you. Let The Kaplan Group manage your outstanding debt collections while you get back to business.

Call today or fill out this Rate Estimate form and get an immediate email response.


When needed, the seasoned collection attorneys at our in-house law firm can provide additional legal incentives to recover the money your clients owe. Our firm has a nationwide network of local attorneys who will litigate on your behalf on a contingency basis.


There is a big difference in the strategy and tactics needed to recover commercial debts and other large claims. Learn more about our large claims specialists and their proven collection methods.


No matter how big or small your commercial collection or consumer debt collection needs are, we have solutions for you. If we’re not the right firm to fit your budget, we will refer you to one that is -- free of charge. Get referrals here.

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